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Time flies when you have fun, huh? I didn't get as much projects out as I wanted to in 2018, though. Blame cram school and a hectic schedule caused by IRL. Seriously, screw reality. Dropping that subject, lets talk about some better stuff that's happened.

First off... this thing!


Did I have a blast making this. Made stupid mistakes, too. While blissfully unaware that the 8-year old ceiling roof was on its last legs. Managed to fix that, so no worries. Hooray for power tools!

Next up, lets take a look at newgrounds. What a comeback! The site is being DISCUSSED as a VIABLE place for artists, musicians and animators, not just given a passing mention and disregarded as a has-been with a dead community in places as far as the fringes of the net now. It's a good stroke of luck, and a lot of good work done by the newgrounds crew that's put behind some momentum to Make Newgrounds Great Again. Sure, there's things that need to be changed/tweaked upon, but with the recent updates, newgrounds is really taking steps to taking New ground! I'm sure glad I stuck around this place to see this revival happen.

Speaking of stuff happening, what was the cause of the sudden 'dry spell' of projects this year? Well, two words. Cram school.


Yeah, pretty much this. I could swear I could feel my brain cells die and enter a vegetative state. Good thing winter break is here. I somehow survived and passed all topics in this round. 

I hope...

Next on the list...

Turns out that christmas flash actually got some discussion going and now, in addition to SKOB and Sex Kitten Casino, we have some actual progress happening! Winter break may be over, but I got shit done, and I hope I can release a lot more finished games than last year. Get my act together, get my act together, get my act together...

Last, but not least...


Happy new years to all my friends, fans and visitors to this page!
2018 was a turbulent year. Good times and messed-up ones too.
May 2019 be a year worth remembering.
Another year with our friends, another year to work on things that we want to.
I hope this year brings joy to you. Yes, you, person reading this page.



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