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Actually pretty well animated, unlike a lot of similar movies nowadays. Darn shame its so short, though.

Keep practicing, and I'm sure you'll do great.

Where's the poyo, darnit?!

(+) Smooth animation and perfect 'oldschool' lipsyncing.
(+) Excellent use of the misheard lyrics.
(+) Well-timed captions and no text artifacts/leaks.
(+) Caption button is well-done and doesn't break at all.
(+) TEH EDN! Ancient references like that are worth a free point.
(-) Voice quality is pretty bad on the ending segment, but eh, its just something to keep in mind about. I'm not gonna lie - it sounds old. Maybe it does have a certain 00s charm to it.

Final score: 4.7.
Overall 5 out of 5. GG, looking forward to see more!

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Now this, this is good.

So, review time. Lets took at the good stuff...
+ KILL LA KILL. 'nuff said. You know what you're doing - making hentai of popera anime is always a good formula.
+ Quality voice sampling, very good use of lines.
+ Her hat had my sides in orbit. You get an extra star just for that.

... and for the bad stuff.
- This flash is around 21Mb. You could use a bit of quantum compression and cleanup.
- Compared to a 21Mb file, the animations on this are still somewhat jerky. Improvements from the demo, yes - but still jerky. A real offender would be BJ#2. I recommend you research up on "easing" in animations.
- Not enough voicing; just a few samples and repetitive moans. You should 'research' your character a bit more during your auditions.

Overall 4.0 stars, including effort.
Do better next time, alright? I'm looking forward to more of your releases.

OctoCandy responds:

Thanks for the great review. :D I agree I should learn to compress better, I'm not used to have to worry about that aspect yet. I'm working on something new and I'm hoping I can get better on the animation front as well. A lot of the art assets for this one were done a while ago and I feel like I could do better now.

As for the lines, believe it or not, I actually went through the entire anime to find decent sounding sounds for her. Since a lot of her audio is playing during parts where music is playing I was not able to use those. I even had to cut up some her dialogue so that I can use it as moans!

Junk. Junk. Shovelware. Adpile. Junk. Doesn't load properly. Ju-

Wha-hey! That's pretty good!

+Easy to listen music
++ Responsive controls
++ Really interesting game concept

- Some animations are off, and there's no clear indication of whether you succeeded or not.
- Music does not loop, facilitating the need to end the level.

Overall - 4.5 stars. Nice work!

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You wanted a review, right? Here's a review.

Good stuff
No audio clipping. This right here is a great way to get positive points. So many musicians here forget this one single step.(++)
Balanced through the play, doesn't make me want to skip, aka ACTUALLY LISTENABLE. (++)
Nice beat, follows the theme well (+)

Not so good stuff
The middle part is slightly bland while the start and the end has optimal variance. (-)

Overall, I think this track deserves a 5/5 score. See this? This is how you get a 5-star score.

CreoMusic responds:

Always happy to read a structured review and get insight to peoples thoughts, thanks for the review!

Aside from a little repetitiveness here and there, you're doin' great. Don't worry - you've got some good pacing skills. Don't let early installment weirdness put you off making music. Do your best as always!

Edman520 responds:

Thanks! I'm about to upload a new song sometime soon too

It's pretty soothing and comfy. Nice job!

TsetsukenMusic responds:

Thank you!

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#12: Start a war with the puchuus again.


I see you're expanding your horizons. Where'll the crew travel to next?

ChazDude responds:

Well, the moon IS on Mars, so...

I just have one question...

.... what happened to the toaster?

ChazDude responds:

Became a time machine :x

"And this seemingly isolated incident was the beginning of Potatoman's slow, but sure spiral into the dark side..."

... eh? Not halloween yet? Darnit.

ChazDude responds:

That could yet happen...

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