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Where's the poyo, darnit?!

(+) Smooth animation and perfect 'oldschool' lipsyncing.
(+) Excellent use of the misheard lyrics.
(+) Well-timed captions and no text artifacts/leaks.
(+) Caption button is well-done and doesn't break at all.
(+) TEH EDN! Ancient references like that are worth a free point.
(-) Voice quality is pretty bad on the ending segment, but eh, its just something to keep in mind about. I'm not gonna lie - it sounds old. Maybe it does have a certain 00s charm to it.

Final score: 4.7.
Overall 5 out of 5. GG, looking forward to see more!

This is pretty good. Keep at it, because I think this is definite 5/5 material.

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Now this, this is good.

So, review time. Lets took at the good stuff...
+ KILL LA KILL. 'nuff said. You know what you're doing - making hentai of popera anime is always a good formula.
+ Quality voice sampling, very good use of lines.
+ Her hat had my sides in orbit. You get an extra star just for that.

... and for the bad stuff.
- This flash is around 21Mb. You could use a bit of quantum compression and cleanup.
- Compared to a 21Mb file, the animations on this are still somewhat jerky. Improvements from the demo, yes - but still jerky. A real offender would be BJ#2. I recommend you research up on "easing" in animations.
- Not enough voicing; just a few samples and repetitive moans. You should 'research' your character a bit more during your auditions.

Overall 4.0 stars, including effort.
Do better next time, alright? I'm looking forward to more of your releases.

OctoCandy responds:

Thanks for the great review. :D I agree I should learn to compress better, I'm not used to have to worry about that aspect yet. I'm working on something new and I'm hoping I can get better on the animation front as well. A lot of the art assets for this one were done a while ago and I feel like I could do better now.

As for the lines, believe it or not, I actually went through the entire anime to find decent sounding sounds for her. Since a lot of her audio is playing during parts where music is playing I was not able to use those. I even had to cut up some her dialogue so that I can use it as moans!

Junk. Junk. Shovelware. Adpile. Junk. Doesn't load properly. Ju-

Wha-hey! That's pretty good!

+Easy to listen music
++ Responsive controls
++ Really interesting game concept

- Some animations are off, and there's no clear indication of whether you succeeded or not.
- Music does not loop, facilitating the need to end the level.

Overall - 4.5 stars. Nice work!

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You wanted a review, right? Here's a review.

Good stuff
No audio clipping. This right here is a great way to get positive points. So many musicians here forget this one single step.(++)
Balanced through the play, doesn't make me want to skip, aka ACTUALLY LISTENABLE. (++)
Nice beat, follows the theme well (+)

Not so good stuff
The middle part is slightly bland while the start and the end has optimal variance. (-)

Overall, I think this track deserves a 5/5 score. See this? This is how you get a 5-star score.

CreoMusic responds:

Always happy to read a structured review and get insight to peoples thoughts, thanks for the review!

Aside from a little repetitiveness here and there, you're doin' great. Don't worry - you've got some good pacing skills. Don't let early installment weirdness put you off making music. Do your best as always!

Edman520 responds:

Thanks! I'm about to upload a new song sometime soon too

It's pretty soothing and comfy. Nice job!

TsetsukenMusic responds:

Thank you!

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Is this the end of Volter?!

ChazDude responds:

He has more means than ends, honestly :x

Looks life in occupied territory is gonna bomb.

ChazDude responds:

Either that or it'll be a blast...


"The viral system evolves by reacting to the environment and adapting to it."
"What if we were able to convince it that coexisting with its environment would allow it to survive permanently?"
"What, you mean have it become a part of Dave?"
"Something like that."


Say, are there viruses that are coded entirely in British slang over there?

ChazDude responds:

There's bound to be a few...

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