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もしもし, エッチ大好きです!  Your head will EXPLODE!!!111 Currently making them KER-AZY sex kitten games. 失礼!

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Very nice! I wish I did something for Pixel Day

At least your pixel contribution this year was waaaay better than my own! This'd make a great game. Also Happy New Year and Good Luck with the journey to Perfect Japanese! It's possible, all possible, I have that same dream but currently way way way back on my list of priorities and resolutions...

Whatever you do it seems you really make the most of life too. HOW NOT TO RUN A BUSINESS 101 book potential hmm. Respect on always staying cheery even if life is gall and dreary! The falls be tall and scary but: not longer. What doesn't weaken you makes you stronger.

Are you still working on Negima Sim Date? I'd love to play it! :)

Still am! Third route's complete and the fourth route's halfway done.

@DontAsk99 @Yomuchan Wonderful! I know it'll be good (your games are so funny and I love dating sims in general). Not very familiar with Negima, but I'm sure it'll be a good time :D I'll keep checking your page every once in a blue moon for updates ;)

I'll put the finishing touches on a hidden route this weekend.

@ZebraHumor @Cyberdevil @DontAsk99 @Yomuchan YEs all my favorite people on this planet in one spot! Please sit I have some news to share with you!

@RedeyestheSecound Sit here, or move over to your profile first? ;) I'm all settled.

@Cyberdevil Its too dangerous to be moving around after saying that they don't like mass tagging now listen to me. Of the time of the C virus I found out a lot and I am about to tell you something mind-blowing but I need you to think about some horrible past times first. For example I want you to think of the war US had with Nazi Germany and how it could have been very likely that the US took Germany scientists back to the US after the war to use them to help grow NASA instead of wasting their talents with a bullet. The virus was created in a lab no doubt about that at all and here is hard proof on why you should believe that. A decade ago there was an Asian terrorist cult in Asian countries like Japan and China the group leader was named.
Shoko Asahara Now he committed a bunch of attacks on his own continent. The important part is most of those atk's were bio weapon-related. And that was a decade ago and even after they prisoned and executed their leader Shoko Asahara. I am sure that all governments knew about US taking those scientists and using them for the NASA program. I am sure some countries learned from this. And I am also sure some of the bio bomb creators in Shoko Asahara's cult. I am sure that how the virus was created its been 10 years seance they executed him and a year later after that a few of there members drove their car through a new years eve party in China I think that's how they got them and was able to find enough people to work for them to create this plague. I knew this for a while but it was a theory first until I watched "The Emperor" movie which leads me to find out about a book written from a top-ranked war general in the Chinese army and there are chapters saying stuff like" We won't go head to head with a strong power but we will use blow weaponry and suicide kamakazi attacks before attacking. They have done both those things if I am right and now they are working on the third operation changing the worlds currency exchange to monopolize. Which there doing with medications. And other products. This is why they say we must prepare mentally I thought ok we need to prepare to see people die from viruses? But no it's so when we see what other countries have been seeing than we need to be prepared for that war on our home place. Please stay safe guys and prepare.

At first, this was gonna be a joke but you guys are the nicest people I know on Newgrounds so I do kinda mean this and this info is not really false at all... Dont bring it to public attention its ok here its in the comments it will barely be seen.

@RedeyestheSecound Hmm, so it might all be to steer their economy... I could believe that. Haven't seen The Emperor or read the book it references, but it's indeed well known there's a virology lab in Wuhan, and they've been reported to have bad sanitation practices even before, so it seems probably it did originate there, intentional or no. If it was intentional I wonder if they didn't underestimate it's effect though, considered they haven't been able to get rid of it themselves...

I've been reading a lot about how this could all be linked to 5G too. Not that 5G seems to be the sole source of it, but that it can give similar symptoms, particularly breathing difficulties and a lack of oxygen in the cells. Wuhan was an early adopter of the technology too... who knows. Maybe it's unrelated. maybe it's amplifying the symptoms/severity. maybe that's a part of the scheme, too. Some interesting reading here regarding that bit: https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Choosing-Life.pdf

Really is scary how different a form wars can take these days. I'm open-minded to the idea, have read about the nazi scientists too, don't know much about Shoko Asahara and the cult though, and if this really is a directed attack, not one that they maybe underestimated the spread of if they did intend to spread it... not really convinced but staying wary. Stay safe you too!