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You thought SOPA was bad?

Posted by Yomuchan - February 25th, 2018

Get a load of this, then.


"FOSTA would undermine Section 230, the law protecting online platforms from some types of liability for their users’ speech. Section 230 is the most important law protecting free speech online. Without it, most of the online platforms we use would never have been formed—the risk of liability for their users’ actions would have simply been too high.

Section 230 strikes an important balance for when online platforms can be held liable for their users’ speech. Contrary to FOSTA supporters’ claims, Section 230 does nothing to protect platforms that break federal criminal law. If an Internet company knowingly engages in the advertising of sex trafficking, the U.S. Department of Justice can and should prosecute it.

The new version of FOSTA would destroy that careful balance, opening platforms to increased criminal and civil liability at both the federal and state levels. It includes a new federal sex trafficking crime targeted at web platforms—but which would not require a platform to have knowledge that people are using it for sex trafficking purposes. It also includes exceptions to Section 230 for state law criminal prosecutions against online platforms, as well as civil claims under federal law and civil enforcement of federal law by state attorneys general.

In complying with FOSTA, online platforms would have little choice but to censor their users, likely silencing many marginalized voices and even sex trafficking victims themselves."

Complete silence on the MSM as well. Good thing custom RSS feeds are a thing or this would have been a complete surprise attack.

Newgrounds being a yank-hosted site might catch some flak from these pearl-clutching moral police, too.

Here's the 'amendment', in pdf form.

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Read any books last month?

Just one. "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

yeah this sounds pretty fuckin bad. I have to wonder, are they so out of touch that they don't realize how nonsensical this is, or are they just pure evil and genuinely want the internet virtually shut down as a viable communication platform

This is another poorly veiled attempt by the political left to seize complete control. It's OK for them to enjoy adult pleasures, but not the common person (in their twisted world where they think they're superior to everyone else). This terrible idea would ruin your work, and the work of others like you. I don't think this would garner any serious consideration because something else would come along to counter it. If anything needs censored right now, it's censorship itself.

"You know who constantly thinks about children, to the point of obsession and beyond?"

This is Straight Out Of Orwell's 1984