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Posted by Yomuchan - June 21st, 2018

EDIT: Someone just gifted me supporter status. I don't know who this kind soul is, but thank you very much!


(You just read that in Yukari-sensei's voice and had horrifying flashbacks to the Yukarimobile Massacre of 2002 while Fortunate Son - CCR starts to play in the background.)

I'm now 33 years old. 2007-me would have laughed in my face if I said I was gonna end up in a boring white collar office job that's so boring, it makes my aging process speed up! Ah, but hey - here we are. Then again, I would have walloped 2007-me upside the head with a steel chair and told him not to be such a fuckwit and start learning to draw and code games lol.




Lets see what wacky shit I've been cooking up on the project folders.

On the sex kitten side, we have three projects working locally, and one being handled by forkheads member for a total of four.

Sex Kitten 9: "Plot" caused two tickets you wanted to be torn up to pieces! Can you find them all? (70% done)

Sex Kitten CASINO: Sequel to 10; you arrive at a fancy resort with a huge casino. Your task is to take your starting 10$ and walk away a millionaire! Are you hardcore enough to do this?! (20% done)

Sex Kitten Oh Brother!: Sequel to Casino - This one's directed by a friend of ours. Expect mindfuckery on the scale, perhaps even more than Sex Kitten RPG2 that'll leave you saying 'WAT'! (20% done)

Sex Kitten 8: An exclusive @Kehmicle project. Aside from some demos indicating that you need to move from a dingy basement, work is still in progress on this one. You might say that this story doesn't make sense - but ask yourself; SINCE WHEN DID THIS SERIES EVER MAKE SENSE?!

And on the megaproject side, we have Newgrounds Dating Sim and Negima Sim Date!

Details have been requested by @Belthagor a few moments ago, so... enjoy!

Newgrounds Dating Sim progress, currently on 0.073.891a. The HUD system is done, and the two major jobs, Portal Patrol (Needs Str and Int) and Audio Portal Cleanup (Needs Int and Wits) are done. Most of the world map is properly mapped out, and the base NPC dialog generators are working properly. Special thanks to @Jackho , @Exedor , @NekoMika and everyone at the newgrounds QC crew at the Elite Guard Barracks and the Audio Portal Cleanup for inspiring these gameplay elements!

Up next is to populate the shopping district with shops, gear and consumables followed by places to train the four stats. HINT: A PENICORN PLUSH DOLL MAKES FOR A GREAT GIFT.

Negima Sim Date progress, currently at 0.291.512b - most of the systems are in place and two routes done, and it's just raw text entry into the databases now. I'm currently working on adding Bells-neesan's date text. HINT: She'll outright refuse to go to the Library with the player character. So far, her fourth storyline mission's done. After I finish keying in the date data, I'll start writing her final mission.

It's summer, so I have a little extra time in the mondays and tuesdays too - which translates to some more done, especially when there's nothing to do at work, bwahahahaha!.

"I call it market research." 

Thanks to everyone for having been part of the best 11 years of my life so far. Here's to another 333333333333 years of non-stop fun and good times!

And that's all for this update. Here's a Genome Soldier mariachi band to get the party really going. 



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So many projects, so little time, cannot wait to see them finished. ^~^

Always good to have something to do planned well ahead, eh? It cures the age old problem of 'bored and on the internet'!

Happy birfday, Yommie! Haw, I remember those MGS flash mariachis! x)

I see you are a man of culture, as well!

Happy birthday dude, hope you have a great one!
Also, good luck with your projects, can't wait to see them finished.

There's always a bigger score. These projects will be finished; and then we'll work on something even more fun! Life's good.

Happy Birthday Yom!

Thank you, thank you!

Happy B day

BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBirthdays are good, aren't they?

Happy birthday!

Thank you for visiting the party! Here's your free party hat that's sure to confuse any pursuing templars!

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the good wishes! I had a hell of a blast on the party night. (For real I accidentally wasabi'd myself lololol)

Man you really have a shitton of stuff planned. :D Awesome stuff too, as always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUUU! Still young.

And that's just the actual work projects. I got a bunch of research and acquisition projects going off the books, dohoho!

Happy Birthday! :D

Thank you, thank you! Please enjoy the festivities!

Happy Birthday (i know i am a bit late but i say better late then never) anyway i hope you had a wonderfull day and did something you enjoy doing ^^

Well, it's the weekend so I call it a 'party continuation'... so you're not really 'late'. Here's your free party hat and grenade launcher that shoots pies! Have a good time!



sorry i was so busy and i still am, tell everyone at forkheadz i said hi. Man it really has been years.

Whatcha upto, man?

@YomToxic well I just finished another mix tape just now, and im about to go on vacation and do other things. Other than that busy things and games. You?

Putting the final touches on another sex kitten game, enjoy your vacation!

Thanks and good luck, i know a thing or two with creating art now. and it's a bitch, flash games or album covers wew

Lemme know if you need some extra help/brainstorming!

You know, if i ever gonna make some more mixes or tracks if i finally get how to create witch house, i might just very well ask you guys to create covers. I know it's in good hands. Or I can try myself if I don't pass out on bashing my head against a wall, I'll keep it in mind thanks. also i send a discord ID thingy on your pixiv acc, not sure if i did it correctly. So we can maybe talk there or I can join the discord if you give link. Doing this on NG is kinda 2010 and below haha

Because discord has suspicious/vague rules on the ownership of uploaded content, I usually keep all my data transfers on newgrounds. This way, no sneaky corp will get to copyright on my works. But if you're interested... I'll PM you the discord invite for the forkheads channel.

Im currently busy so I might not be able to really be online, let's say maybe whole september, but I can maybe login in october.

See ya 'round.