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888+ fans (exclusives inside!)

Posted by Yomuchan - October 5th, 2020

Well, that didn't take long.


888+ fans! I've been a bit slow on the production front this year because IRL was death incarnate (DEY TOOK MAI JERB!!11), but this is the sort of thing that really drives home the motivation. Hitting that milestone means its time for ART!


Pretty cute, ain't she. I ended up going for a comfy/cyberpunk combo this time. Next time I hit 999 fans, I'm definitely drawing Cirno. You just watch!

Now, you might be here for some exclusives. Wait no more, these are flashes thought long lost after a disaster in 2014, I present..

The Tsundere School Tutorial!

Originally designed (more like drunkenly cobbled together) in early 2014 to help some fellow members get a handle on flash AS2 coding and understand the basics of animation and coding, you can tell this is one of my earlier works. I had to clean up some code before uploading this because, whooey, it honestly wasn't that good. Still, I hope you find some use out of it.

The second exclusive: The triumphant return of Sex Kitten 7! 

Those goddamn commie nazis up at the RIAA somehow thought that a short extract from a music piece was a litigious offense, and newgrounds had to remove it from the collection. I replaced the classic Aphex Twin music with a continued loop of the game music composed by OG forkheads music talent Rellis. Seriously, what kind of shit was that. It was a short segment for use in the credits ffs! I bet those goose-stepping megacorp crackheads would do away with fair use and parody if they had the chance...

[Angry rant about copyright goes here]

... I really should have done this back when I got 777 fans, huh. Oh well.

Moving on... 

So, what have I been upto these days? Well...

As the games I made grew ever more complex, with my friend @johnnyguy mentioning that the last one was 'by far the most lengthy and directionally confusing in the game ive played', I'm adding the next, much-requested feature in; an integrated navigation system to the next game in the works! Building off the map used in Negima Sim Date and putting a modern touch to it, check out the previews here!


Obvious beta is obvious, but yeah - I intend to fully flesh this out as an interactive map for you to explore. With this done, I hope you all won't be getting lost now in the game world now, huehuehuehue. Hell, maybe I should do the same for SKOB now that I think about it. It would make it a little easier to play, right?

Also, have another preview of the work in progress that's Sex Kitten Casino!


A scenic view made by my friend @joshexdirad for this game. You can use the binoculars to check out all the awesome detail he put into this work, too! Also, the help file now properly describes the controls, AND had information on the 'running' function as well. No more having to be stuck at an uncomfortable pace! Zip around the building like the hyperactive ADHD Arne you were destined to be!

In other news, with the superb success of Sticker Tycoon,

I've started working on a brand new business sim game that DOESN'T involve so much clicking. Can't reveal too much details about this, but if you've played Dopewars for DOS or Dealer right here on newgrounds, you probably have some idea what it's gonna be about. Will it involve the forkheads classics? Duh, of course. Will there be over-the-top violence and comically-bad pickup lines? Hell yeah!

And here ends the update for now. Thanks for being swell, all 888+ fans and everyone else who has been reading up to this point so far (YES, YOU! READING THIS RIGHT NOW!). I hope you all have a good day in general, and an awesome spooktober in particular!

PS: Go check out the contest that @SevenSeize4President is running here!




889 fans!!!!!!!!

Nice! Good job man, definitely a long-needed feature and improvement. The game was good though, definitely one of the more creative entries (i mean, they all are, but i like the extra stuff you put in that was new and/or not as seen in the other entries). The length was good, but yes a map will help. Can't wait for the next one, cause that shiz always makes me giggle.

You're carrying a whole legacy on your shoulders with these Sex Kitten games man, seems nobody else is doing 'em these days! At least not the way they used to... like you do.

I remember, it feels like just the other day or week or so ago, when I stumbled upon your profile again after a lengthy hiatus and not much seemed to have happened (might not have checked the correct corresponding content-related page sections though) and just a few days later or a week or so later and hoooly smokes yo you've been working!!! So much both new and nostalgia in the one post.

Congrats on the so very deserved and all way too late 888! Looking forward to playing some of this shizzle soon and onto the next 111!

Between a full-time job, trying to get into higher education, and projects - I wish I was more active on the poasting. I'll miss those days when everything was weekend and allnighters were fun.

Btw why isn't that art yet under your Art? Was planning to leave further commentary there!


Nice work on that too.

Congrats! Some pretty cool content here :) Good luck with whatever comes next for you!


Finally jumped off that superstitious looking 13 too!


Say wut? Didn't notice you had 13 artworks before this one? And here I thought you were all about them numbers. ;)


Don't worry, though. I've been collecting rare pepes so my luck stat should be good enough to surpass 13.

Also pretty cool to get that one one comment...


With all that abnormally high luck + the fact that after this latest comment now no other foreboding numbers seem to be anywhere in close vicinity you're life finna be going to amazing places! Just you waitest!

*your life, but you're life, yes! That too!

Response here finna break the post comment response order entirely now but: same here. :) I don't know how things could've worked so differently back in the day for me personally, I don't juggle nearly as much as you do, but it always felt like I had more time in a day than I knew what to do with back then. Time was at the whim of my reign! Life was a game! I wonder if it's just the responsibilities we pick up that change things or if maybe it's more so how we perceive things; how we stop and think just a bit too much now to feel that same rush now...

Speaking for myself o course. Either though it's great you're still here; grindin' on whenever you're able! Good luck with that next level of learning now!

Hello. Are you aware that the game "Sex Kitten: Insanity", which was formerly available at...


...has also been removed? Can that game come back in some way? I think it is the only piece of the series that is still gone. Please consider this if you can.

Hey, thanks for letting me know! I'll see what I can do to reassemble and reupload it.

congrats on the 888+ fans milestone, man!
also, i loved that preview to the tsundere tutorial, or the sex kitten game of 2007, that sadly had to have its music changed, due to the bastards from the copyright music department...
(or the ''copyright police'' as i call them sometimes)

with that being said, im happy to see you making new games and always crafting cool new things in here...

the addition of a map in-game is an excellent idea, for some of your latest sex kitten games are so big and with so many different buildings, that one can truly get lost in there...

anyway, thats all for now, be well and stay awesome!

PS: also considering that you now have 920+ fans n your profile, you will soon reach the 999+ and the 1100+ milestones very fast, and that's awesome!

here's to more fame and recognition to you, for you truly deserve it, my friend.

ice cream fraud is the new tax fraud

When I am Presidente For Life, I'll personally see to it that ALL citizens, REGARDLESS of wealth class or racial heritage, are ensured a safe, uninterrupted supply of Quality Ice Cream and Camembert Cheese available for purchase at competitive and fair prices in a transparent market where price gougers and dairy frauds have no power, regulated in a way that does not discriminate by cost.

Yes, I'm aware that the Snack Cartel will probably put some hits on me, but this is the price of being cheesy.

Man was I having a monologue here earlier or what. XD Speaking to myself, yeah, fo rizzle...

You're rising fast with the fans now man! Congrats on the even 900 too. And 910. 919. 920. 930. 940 in a minute now. Was pondering including 911 there but maybe a bit tasteless.


Gotta buy some bananas hmm. Mental note.