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Yomuchan's News

Posted by Yomuchan - November 14th, 2013

And college entrance exams are over.



Time to build more weirdo games.

SECRET FACT: This is the first time this millennium I graduated from something.

Posted by Yomuchan - October 1st, 2013

Launched on October 1, 2003. It's been a wild and wacky 10 years. Between at least 100 404's, random shenanigans, war, intifadas, cotton-eyed joes and all, no one would have thought of this back when they started off. And here they are today. 10 years old, and still standing strong.

Happy birthday, 4chan. You've always been a source of cheap laughs, porn and inspiration on the go. Here's to another ten years of 4chan! Cheers, ya crazy 'tards!


College entrance exams begin on November, so I'll be scaling down my work somewhat. But that does not mean the end of my work here; while I take a hiatus from flash shenanigans, two more people from our dev team will be taking over the production of forkheads games; say hello to AFH, and OJJ! These two wild and wacky geniuses have got 2 (count that, TWO) new games in the works, and will be released as soon as they're done!. Look forward to it!

Once exams are done with, I intend to start work on Negima Sim Date; it is time to end this once and for all. May the restless spirits of the old Dev Team find rest at long last. I'll also be working on MLP The Sim Date 2 as well. All you pony fans are just gonna looooove this.

That's that for now. Y'all take care.

Posted by Yomuchan - September 6th, 2013

In the original Sex Kitten RPG released on Dec 28, 2004, they said the story would be continued.

And now, 9 years later.... the story continues!


This is it. Almost 2 years of research and development; and it's finally ready.

Sex Kitten RPG2, codenamed "Mindfuck", takes off from where our two idiot protagonists left off, walking through a strange, pulsating portal to lands unknown.

Unpredictably (or perhaps predictably?), they arrive in a strange universe that connects other realms together. Our idiot hero goes on MORE insane shenanigans in the three worlds that the 'nexus realm' connects to in a desperate attempt to return home before his violent girlfriend gets violent again..

Play through three interconnected worlds, and find a way to return home before your girlfriend Slutty McSlut loses patience with you! Good luck!

This game now has:
> An opening that will make some people smile.
>Easy mode, for kids.
> Non-standard (and sometimes hilarious) game-overs.
> A neutral ending that will create a stable time loop.
> A true ending with original McSlut hentai animation.
> A massively upgraded battle system.
> A trading quest that spans all three worlds.

Controls: Up, down, left and right on the keyboard to move your character in the game world. Click on items in the inventory window to use 'em. Medikits and Stimpacks restore your health. Remember to keep 'em handy, as the worlds in this game are really dangerous to your health.

SECRET HINT FOR PEOPLE WHO READ THESE THINGS: Click the strawberry when it is in the inventory for a surprise. People using headphones may have to mute any music to hear the result (I cant emulate surround sound with headphones). Also, having over 1100000 magic good triggers the good ending once you find the 'exit portal'.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped out with this project - from animation to ideas, from brainstorming to publishing. You know who you are! This game would not be finished if it weren't for you people.

I hope everyone has as much fun playing this game as much as I had making it!.


Sex Kitten RPG2: Mindfuck NOW ONLINE!

Posted by Yomuchan - July 29th, 2013

Please let me know what you think of this latest installment of Sex Kitten goodness.

Story: In our last episode of NONSENSICAL MADNESS, our two idiot heroes somehow crossed the border TO MEXICO, and managed to evade the pursuit of the relentless ex-girlfriend, the IRS and the Feds.

Just when all seemed well, a new crisis is faced by our stalwart and brave hero! What will happen next?

NOTE: This is not Project Mindfuck. That one will be released later, when our new hentai animation artist has perfected his drawings. Don't miss it!

Special thanks to Mango-chan for letting me use your artwork!

Sex Kitten: Mesa Madness is out!

Posted by Yomuchan - June 8th, 2013

I'm so happy, I could scream. And scream I shall.

The war is over... for now. The forces of Evil have been driven back from Sol-3 "Terra". They will return, ever greedy to impose their boring and otherwise unremarkable regime over the Free World. But for now, it is a time to rest.

With the invading exam army now destroyed, the blessed light of SUMMER VACATION touches the land.

And what better way to start off summer vacation, than with a SUMMER VACATION COLLAB?! That's right - YOU are invited to take part in this year's FH flash collab!

In other news, now that exams are over, Development of Mindfuck will proceed as keikaku! Interested in helping? Read the first post that details the plan so far, and dive right in! Trivia, Pics, ideas and more all welcome!

Speaking of development, since there's no major projects after Mindfuck, It's time I finished something I shoulda finished years ago - Danananaaa, NEGIMA SIM DATE!

This is gonna be the best fucking summer vacation ever.


Posted by Yomuchan - May 13th, 2013

It's exam season, and I'll be cramming for it. Exams starts on June 2, and goes until June 10.

Just in time for summer vacation!.

See y'all after June 10!.

Posted by Yomuchan - February 13th, 2013

Lets just sidestep the boring junk often found in the average mass-produced valentine's day card (since we all know you hate that crud), and get to the real reason why I'm posting this.

That's right! To give you all a PRESENT!

Don't believe me? Take a look here!

Yes, that's what you think it is. A freeware copy of the first Elder Scrolls game ever to be developed.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

PS: Have an extra screenshot.
PSS: You need DOSBOX to play this game.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Posted by Yomuchan - January 29th, 2013

Taking its name from the legendary Forkheads hosted at Forumarena Galaxy; this fighting ground puts together the forkheads crew, and fighters from all over the cosmos seeking fame and fortune. Of course, this attracts spectators; and more importantly, gamblers. That kind of thing's good for the economy, ya know?

1) All fights are played by the computer at max-level AI. Once two people go in, only one comes out.

2) Once a fight is started, only when one side is defeated, can the fight stop. No fight throwing.

Gambling rules:
1) You must declare your gambling, and declare how much you have bet on which fighter winning. You cannot change your bet after teh fight starts.
2) You must purchase an Arena Ticket to gamble. Arena tickets are limited; but are in the shop.
Gambling payout will be calculated by the following formulas:

Regular Fights (Your bet*2)-1200.
Quarterfinals Fights (Your bet*4)-1800.
Semifinals Fights (Your bet*8)-2600.
Final Fight (Your bet*10)-3300.

Yes, if you bet too low, and even if your fighter wins the match, YOU CAN LOSE MONEYS. SO PLAY IT WITH HIGH STAKES AND PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT.

Anyone wishing to join the tourney may post here.

The Rookie cup is under way!


Forkheads Arena!

Posted by Yomuchan - January 19th, 2013

And this one shall be a technical masterpiece.

Wish us luck.

In an alternate universe, far away from the current shenanigans of our trouble-magnet hero as he somehow escaped to Mexico, a new adventure is continuing...

In the last episode of Sex Kitten RPG, our hero managed to collect the OMGWTFBBQ stones and was last seen entering a mysterious, pulsating gate.

What happens next? Find out in the sequel!.

Development tracker as of 20-Jan-2013

Game Engine planning: 100%
Game engine: PAC and RPG
Intro scene: 100%
Graphics: 38%
Script: 30%
Music: 100%
Reward System: 15%
MAP: 0.5%

Coding: YomToxic
Scriptwriting: AFH
Imagehunter: AFH
Aesthetics: Chaos,
Arts: Parpolz
Music: Lime, Klacid

Overall: 41%!

Posted by Yomuchan - January 13th, 2013

Blah blah crappy hosting.

Oh well. One "Polite" letter sent.

At least the offsite chat's not bugged up... for now.

EDIT 5 hours later:
It's back online. I'm not taking any chances. Backing up stuff now.