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Yomuchan's News

Posted by Yomuchan - July 11th, 2017

Yes, again.

As if the opposition to SOPA, PIPA and everything else they've cooked up so far wasn't enough of a big 'no, fuck off and die in a fire' to them, some unelected bureaucrats with big cable company money fresh in their pockets are now pressuring the US into completely ending net neutrality. The previous victories of the netizens must've bothered them good enough that they're not even bothering with the usual doublespeak of 'combating piracy' and 'copyright violations' - instead, they're being rather frank with their demands because the creation of 'fast lanes' will profit them on the short term... while heavily taxing every sector of American private and public sectors.

What is net neutrality?

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet providers like Comcast & Verizon should not control what we see and do online. In 2015, startups, Internet freedom groups, and 3.7 million commenters won strong net neutrality rules from the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The rules prohibit Internet providers from blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization—"fast lanes" for sites that pay, and slow lanes for everyone else.

Nearly everyone who understands and depends on the Internet supports net neutrality, whether they're startup founders, activists, gamers, politicians, investors, comedians, YouTube stars, or typical Internet users who just want their Internet to work as advertised.

So, what's going on?

Cable companies in America are famous for high prices and poor service. Several rank as the most hated companies in America. Now, they're lobbying the FCC and Congress to end net neutrality. Why? It's simple: if they win the power to slow sites down, they can bully any site into paying millions to escape the "slow lane." This would amount to a tax on every sector of the American economy. Every site would cost more, since they'd all have to pay big cable. Worse, it would extinguish the startups and independent voices who can't afford to pay. If we lose net neutrality, the Internet will never be the same.

In fact, one particularly backpfeifengesicht-able bureaucrat was quoted as 'taking a weed whacker to the FCC regulations'. He must've really wanted that gold-plated shirt.

What can you do about it? Contacting your representatives, sending in letters and excercise your right to democratic representation. That isn't illegal. Yet.

You can start by visiting here: https://www.battleforthenet.com
EDIT: Non-US citizens can use this to explain to the FCC why NN is so important. https://dearfcc.org

Posted by Yomuchan - April 20th, 2017



Oh, it's still 2017. Eh, we good. 

Its been some time since my last update - so what have I been doing for the past three months? Basically, a good part time job, a new hobby and a shitton of progress on my projects.

In the world of part time work, I now get to stick around in a digital media shop. Sure, it's not really work, but it packs enough money to have pushed in a complete surplus for this quarter of the year. So, I say - 


But lets skip over the boring details of my boring life and get to the good stuff. What's this new hobby that's taken my schedule by storm? Why, I now tend to explore abandoned scientific communities for educational books. The first one I found was one about actionscript and I sat my butt down and went "WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA I didn't know that!"

So, equipped with some mad new skills that come with reading skill books (JUST LIKE IN MY RPGS WHEEEE), I'm gonna keep on working on the good stuff. Which is what you are interested in the most, right?

First off is my magnum opus - Negima Sim Date!


No longer a clunky experiment in multiple maps - now has one storyline complete! This game looks to end up causing Michael Bay and Shao Khan to go bankrupt by the sheer amount of carnage and extreme violence packed into 4Mb (so far) of flashy goodness! It's gonna take some time loading so I ported a dos game to 25kb and threw it in for people to play while the game loads. YO DAWG, I HERD YOU LIKE GAMES, SO WE PUT A GAME IN YOUR GAME SO YOU CAN PLAY WHILE IT LOADS.

Secondly is this crazy-ass project that I started while drunk enough to challenge Zangief to a Lucha Libre Royale. Now that I've started, I really dont see a need to stop until it's complete.


This one's not a large-scale project like NSD, but it sure as hell is educational. I've basically been using this game as an ideas field for field-testing events and to add stuff that would look out of place in NSD. Like smartphones and guns an' stuff. Long story short, I was stuck in a dev-loop of "This will work great in NSD!" *CLICK* [update NSD] "This will work great in VSD!"*CLICK*[update VSD] "This will work great in NSD!" -rinse and repeat.

Since there's a new drive for audio from local talent, I'm gonna go out on a limb and ask some musicians to compose the scores for this game. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Well, that's that from me - and usually this is the part where I sign off. But you know, it's 4/20, so...









Posted by Yomuchan - January 21st, 2017

3 years before I made an account on newgrounds, I was quite active in a small, out of the way forum that wanted to be the very best in RPG making like no one ever was. I'd use a similarly obscure program to create custom resources for RPG Maker 2000/2003. It is now 13 years since... and I'll just throw this thing I did way back then.


Hm, maybe I should take up pixel art again. Damn, I feel young again.

Cheers to @ChazDude for reminding me!

Posted by Yomuchan - December 31st, 2016

Because damn, what a whirlwind holiday season. Playing secret santa at four communities at once is no easy task. It was a lot of fun; despite the fact that I comically bungled up at least three of the secret santa plans. I ended up being busy for well over the week I had set aside for assembling the christmas card and drawing the character art.



So I ended up with this. 


This time, I got the music player done JUUUUUUUUUUST right, and thew in a far more advanced random dialog generator that doesn't use a frame for a dialog chunk - one of the main limitations of the experimental MLP sim date. I'll be using these methods to make even more games, so look forward to that!

Moving on, I came back to newgrounds only to find out all the ads had vanished - some kind soul had gifted me supporter status! I don't know who you are, but thank you for the christmas present! Okay, so it blew up the art portal. But you know what? I ain't even mad. 

Next up... back in 2004 I tried getting a geocities webpage like the rest of the up-and-coming newbs on the internet, but alas, I couldn't figure out what html was *laugh track*. Geocities died in 2009, but the dream lived on. So, come 2017 and I've set up shop in neocities. Okay, so as of writing, it's one of those 'under construction' templates that plagued the internet back in its heyday, but I'll put something there!

With that outta the way, time for me to get to work! See you next game!

Posted by Yomuchan - November 9th, 2016



Havent been online for 2 weeks or so. Shit went down IRL. Now that IRL shit has been jackhammered into oblivion, I'm back. Of course, I'll be releasing the newest sex kitten game and some swayze extra goods in a week or so. Look forward to it!

A special thanks everyone who sent me mail - it's nice to know folks out here on the 'net care more than the morons IRL who sprung this shit on me. You know who you are, and you are AWESOME. Don't you ever forget that.

Posted by Yomuchan - August 17th, 2016

Clock Day has come and gone, and working on BB10's Friendship Adventure - a frenetic last-minute project thought up while extremely inebriated has really shaken off the feeling of exhaustion and burnout that had overcome me these past few weeks.


Speaking of that, I tried adding medals in the game for the first time - removing the old preloader to make room for the NGAPI powered preloader.

Little did I know that would break the entire game, spamming everyone who got a gameover with medals. Whoops. Chalk it up to early installment weirdness, right? Props for the folks who got back to me right away regarding the problem. The problem's been fix'd now so you won't get that trouble.

Game devs take note: Don't remove stuff while sleep-deprieved and/or drunk.


In other news, you all remember that Newgrounds Swimsuit Competition I held earlier this summer, right? Well, now it's time to reveal the NEFARIOUS PLAN OF EVIL behind it all.

I needed NPCs for the City Beach.











MY EVIL PLAN WAS A GREAT SUCCESS! MWAHAHAHHAHA! *twirls imaginary moustache of evil*

Posted by Yomuchan - July 17th, 2016


What is it?


... or, at least a progress report.

The assembly of my new PC is so nearly complete. This, along with the refurbishing and moving of the home electronics has finally freed up seven more GLORIOUS hours of free time! (Its like finding oil, uranium and diamonds all at once, damn!) And with that, I present to you the latest goings on in the story of Negima Sim Date.

First off are some screencaps from Negima Sim Date, showcasing NPC interaction and dialog outputs. 


Here we have Asuna, right after the tutorial battle, doing her best impression of the Spanish Inquisition. CONFESS! CONFESS! CONFESS!


Next up, we have the super-shy Miyazaki Nodoka being her adorkable, nervous self. I had to level her up to Student or else she'd always run off without talking to you.

Next up, we have a character viewer - you can tell that the thing's patched together from an early beta by the way the displays are all weirded out, right? It doubles as the game's relationship tracker, replacing the stationary mirror used by MLP sim date.


In the case you're interested in writing/donating dialogue for the characters, here's a quick summary of the characters in question.

Kagurazaka Asuna
The resident heterochromia packing numbnut who likes older men, specifically Takahata-sensei. She has a temper problem and often goes into tourettes-level fury when she gets mad. Very strong. Has a rivalry with class rep, Yukihiro Ayaka.

Miyazaki Nodoka
A quiet, shy girl that's painfully, boringly cliche' until you call her Honya. Then she SNAPS and KILLS YOU DEAD while SHITTING DOWN YOUR CHIMNEY. She is soft-spoken, and dislikes rude jokes. She sometimes pranks Asuna and Konoka.

Ayase Yue
A deadpan slacker who's IQ level is over 9000. Do not, under any circumstances, try to convince her that she needs to study more. She will jam a test tube of her weirdest, latest concoctions RIGHT UP YOUR POOPER. Likes smoking Chiyo Bud, and is a connoisseur of other mind-altering substances. Doesn't talk much and is very sarcastic.

Yukihiro Ayaka
A big-chested blonde bombshell who's so much into younger men that it'd make catholic priests blush. Unfortunately for you, she has you in her sights and she will find a way to get you in between the sheets with her. A reserved, quiet girl who often acts as the ojousama she is. Enjoys perverted jokes, and has a rivalry with Asuna. Has a sweet demeanor that is very, very creepy. Enjoys peeping on YOU.

Sakurazaki Setsuna
A quiet, cool girl who is not interested in you. She's got her eyes on Konoka Konoe, and if you do try to get in the way, you'll find yourself facing her deadly sword technique. Not much of a talker, she prefers to let her devastating sword techniques speak for her. Her sword techniques can slice through any physical armor. When she does get angry, she makes clear, simple threats before thrashing you.

Evangeline McDowell
A blond little girl(yeah, right) who seems to know exactly who you are. She is refined and cool, but tends to talk like a yakuza. Extremely vicious when pulled into a fight, she is surprisingly strong regardless of her small size. Prefers extreme violence as a battle tactic. She can also send her fangirl/servant Chachamaru after you. Taunts a lot.

Konoka Konoe
A cheerful, stereotypical genki girl with a dark side. Try pressing her to get married, and she'll pack on some serious hurt, or sic Setsuna on you like some sort of mafia boss. Likes getting wasted, playing pranks on Asuna and browsing Forkheads' picturedump threads.

Another stereotype, a robotic girl who seems to be almost completely emotionless. Completely loyal to Evangeline at first. She does not speak much, rather preferring simple sentences. She becomes talkative later on.  


Finally, the latest from the changelog...

9:37 AM 13-Jul-16
Version: v0.0.131a
Fixed a major bug in Nodoka's Event List.
Added Nodoka's Second Major Mission - "Private Lesson"
If you have over 39 Wit/Charm, you'll get a better reward from it.
Reinforced telefrag prevention subroutines.
Added some OJJ-donated convos.

10:07 PM 09-Jul-16
Version: v0.0.129a
Fixed some spawn bugs with miniquests.
Added Good Friend Dialog (16 short convos, 5 questions, 1 fight.)
Added 2 miniquests for Good Friend.

4:02 AM 08-Jul-16
Version: v0.0.128a
Added "New Friend" Nodoka dialog (16 short convos, 4 questions and 1 fight(HONYAA!!!))
Your base stats now affect mini-quests.
STR: For lifting weights and travelling.
KNOWLEDGE: For science experiments and research.
MAGIC: Spying and Placing/Stealing items.
WIT/CHARM: For distracting and fast-talking.
Added miniquest 1: Book Courier.
TELEFRAG PREVENTION! (Needs a new save game for it to work properly if playing an earlier version.)
Added miniquest 2: Pranking Time! - Konoka
Added miniquest 3: Pranking Time! - Asuna
Level up function - Good Friend is complete.


That's the latest buzz on what's happening with NSD. 


Posted by Yomuchan - June 1st, 2016

Its officially summer vacation, and I've done a lot of work on NSD and Vixuzar Sim Date these past few weeks. Special thanks to the folks who pitched in with extra image info, dialog and otherwise been a great help with these projects. You know who you are.

So far, I've started adding NPC data and events to NSD - basic encounters, conversation routines and I've also recently figured out how to use arrays AAAAAAND I completely reworked some buggy item lottery stuff that would end up raping your inventory with massive textblocks that were all like NaN. This means I've also reworked the day counters and made them a whole lot more simpler for the CPU to handle.



This is my fourth reworking of one of the core NSD engines. Damn - 2007 to 2016, it's been one hell of a ride, eh?

Speaking of Sim Date - Vixuzar Sim Date is proving to be a real learning experience. I've managed to optimize a lot of coding, making it run more streamlined and smoothly. Now, I'm currently assembling the game world where the action takes place in. While not as outright massive as NSD - Vixuzar Sim Date incorporates some of the latest technology we have available, and it's gonna be one hell of a game. Our next stop is ITEMS! What shall we put in the game?!

Half the year is gone, huh? I'd better get my act together and stop all these DELAYS and PROBLEMS.

Speaking of delays, I've noticed that the wiring around my home seems to be on its last legs. Fluctuating brownouts, surges and twitchy lights point at a rapidly decaying infrastructure at home - this isn't good news for the rest of my electronics. So I'll be busy for the next few days or so, giving the ol' home a much-needed workover on the electrical wiring front. Once I'm done, I can officially add seven... SEVEN MORE HOURS of GLORIOUS FREETIME to my daily routine!

That's that for now. But I'll be back soon. 

Until then, have some summer vacation imagery!


Posted by Yomuchan - May 18th, 2016


After 3 years of heavy fighting, narrow victories and a gruelling war of attrition, the Great College War ends and the fields of battle fall silent. For the first time in 3 years, we can return to making games and movies for stupid fun reasons instead of just following deadlines.

With the boring IRL bits out of the way, lets get to the good stuff!

New projects, new scores out for the taking!

Vixuzar Sim Date: One of the engines have been wired up, and an update is available for beta-testers. This update showcases the opening cutscene and the stat selection menu. This sort of thing took me 4 days back then - this one I finished in less than 1 day!. Most of the buttons and stuff except for the text boxes are placeholders, though. Next up is the Inventory System, the Personal Stat Menu, and the Help Menu. With advanced miniaturization technology available, these will be done in a matter of days!

Project: Vixuzar Sim Date.
JOB TYPE: Photo hunting.
Pay: Hentai, online storage, infamy points.

Interest parties please PM me.


Negima Sim Date: 79% of the acaedemy exists, and work has begun on working on NPC art. This thing is so complex, we're still conducting advanced research into finding new ways to operate the machinery, while rewriting earlier written code.


Plenty more stupid, crazy stuff coming your way soon! Stay tuned and remember to PARTY HARD!

Posted by Yomuchan - April 13th, 2016

Final week.

Once 18th starts, I'll be off the air for around 3 weeks. If I don't screw up, I can graduate college like I should have back in 2005.

See y'all soon.