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Yomuchan's News

Posted by Yomuchan - February 8th, 2016

Engine to be used: NSD Lite (v2.54a)
Graphics Resources: Recruit artist.
GUI version: 3.19b (updated version 2016)
Dateable chars: 5 (TBD)
Muzak composer: I have someone in mind and will contact her.

Shiz to do

  1. Refit NSD Lite Engine for Vixuzar Sim Date.
  2. Recruit 5 dateable characters.
  3. Update GUI pack to latest 2016 version.
  4. Map the playing area.
  5. Negotiate muzak usage with NG artists.

Stuff we need

  1. Interview with 5 dateable characters to figure out their preferences/behavior.
  2. Custom art for the game world. (Approx 40 areas).
  3. Plan out world activities for stat gain and money earning.
  4. Interview with @Vixuzar to get some details done properly. [high priority]

Posted by Yomuchan - December 13th, 2015

+500 fans!. What a milestone! But hey, can't let you good folks go empty-handed..

Have some art!

Thanks, 500 fans!

And now, a quick shortlist of the projects planned so far...

Two short VNs, one stupid fun game, Fate Machine 2.0, and of course, more sex kitten goodness!. Stay tuned, and good night.

Posted by Yomuchan - November 23rd, 2015


It's been a peaceful time on the tropical island where you've been living for a while... until one day - the carefree days come to a grinding halt as McSlut has run out of money! In order to avoid going into debt, she looks up an old friend in South Korea and you tag along for the business trip of a lifetime!

From the backwoods tropical village in the Bermuda, you find yourself in another wacky sex kitten adventure in the heart of the Big City of Seoul!

But it won't be a walk in the park - a new enemy has emerged, determined to stop you and McSlut dead in their tracks! Will you be able to wheel and deal, sneak and fast-talk your way to payday? Well, willya?!

File size is 6.65Mb.

Special thanks to everyone who helped out with writing, logistics, bug-fixin' and everyone who plays these games. I hope y'all have as much fun playing this game as I had coding it. See you next mission!

PS: There's some epic Slutty McSlut OC hentai in the best ending. Get a file marked 'TOP SECRET' to get it.

Posted by Yomuchan - October 6th, 2015

This is a test post to synchronize my watch with NG Standard Time.

This is only a test.




Posted by Yomuchan - July 23rd, 2015

So, back when I had 222 fans, I jibed about having to work on 4 projects when I hit 444 fans. How quickly time flies, huh? It seems like we've just hit the 444 fan milestone and-

*dies suddenly, gets thrown out of a window, and gets run over by a funeral hearse, and then an ambulance.*


Naaaaaaaaah screw that.

So, projects. Allright.

I've got four projects in the works - as promised.
First is a short VN project I'm working on - while it's not a newgrounds exclusive, you guys will get to have some dark jokes to laugh at when I'm done with it.

Second is one of those classic sex kitten games y'all don't seem to get enough of. This time, we join our two idiot zeroes on a trip to DANANANANA THE FAR EAST. Are you a bad enough dude to enter the land of Tofu Town and defeat the evil Teriyaki Triad? (description may not be accurate.)

Third is a project I hijacked from a skilled sprite artist who has ceased to be - a complete guide to sprite movies! Because, hey, this sort of thing needs to happen more often. Read through this, and you'll be cooking 'em up sprite movies in no time. This one, is a newgrounds exclusive.

Finally, NSD. Negima Sim Date. This one's special to me. How long have we been working on it? Has it been 7 years already? A vast game, so complex that it makes Sex Kitten RPG2 look like a flipbook. I'm not sure if I can finish it, but I'll do what I can. And if I can't do it, I'll figure something out.

That's that for what's important. Other shit that no one cares about, like how college is evil, and growing up sucks and other such miscellanea is better off not mentioned because hey, whining wont solve anything. Now, doing awesome shit and pissing off terrorists and the bad guys WILL!.

See y'all at level 27.

Posted by Yomuchan - June 11th, 2015

I maded a tumblr thing. Probably gonna rig it with hentai and NG stuff once I figure out how to mess around with stuff.


#triggerwarning, #triggerwarning everywhere.

Lets see how badly my second experiment with social media goes...


Posted by Yomuchan - April 1st, 2015

Created for a certain day of a certain month, our somewhat unwilling idiot hero, now quite genre-savvy after all his adventures, is thrown kicking and screaming into the latest release of Sex Kitten: Insane Asylum!

Can you sneak, fast-talk, stab and shoot your way out of this Insane Asylum that seems hellbent on lobotomizing you with a chainsaw? Your only hope of escaping is to increase your magic good by doing stupid things, and hoping McSlut catches scent of your magic good once you manage to get out into the open!

TIP: Floor 0 is heavily patrolled. You'll probably get spotted unless you have a disguise. And you do not wander into a lobotomy room in your regular threads. You will be KILL by mad doctors.

I hope you all enjoy this game as much as I had fun coding it!
And by that I mean a lot.


Also there is no secret basement. Stop asking. 9_6

File size is 5.50Mb

Play it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/655544

Posted by Yomuchan - September 7th, 2014

In his hands are arcane devices, non-euclidean geometric tools and magitechnological wonders of the last age.

YomToxic has claimed a flash workstation!

YomToxic works furiously!

"Sim date...." he mutters as he works.

Posted by Yomuchan - August 2nd, 2014

So, here we are - at the end of the plan. Things could have gone better, but I'm satisfied with having managed to see the release of two games out of four.

Sex Kitten - Jungle Mayhem

Sex Kitten - Armageddon!

We also had plans to release a ported copy of the original game in which Slutty McSlut appeared (straight up from 1999, from a game company that no longer exists!), along with a remastered version of the original sex kitten game. However, the project director of Origins seems to be MIA for the time being - and I can't just up and release 'em without his permission. This is his hard work and I respect that.

Here's to another 10 years of Sex Kitten! *toast*


PS: He was the man who located this ancient game and brought it to us in the first place. To you, who delivered to us this Legend from before the ages of Man, I give thanks, wherever you may be!

Posted by Yomuchan - July 21st, 2014

Long ago, in the ages before profile pics, HTML5 and such, HaZard, Dazmo and Madhavi posted the first ever Sex Kitten game. The time was 2:21 PM EDT, 21 July 2004.

Fast-forward 10 years. 4 incarnations of FH and 4 generations of developers have passed.

For the first wave of products celebrating a decade of Sex Kitten, I present...

2:21 PM EDT - July 21, 2014.


Thought that was nuts? There's some more wacky products coming up! Hold onto your hats, folks!